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Please note this webinar has already been aired.
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What a fantastic webinar!!

That's correct - in less than a months time Vianna returns to Russia.
So we scheduled this webinar, as a pre-cursor to her return.

This webinar was live from Kalispell in Monatana, where ThetaHealing is now based.
Duration : approx. 1 hour.
Time :10:30am Kalispell time.
Hosted by : Natalia Lapshicheva & Craig Koekemoer
Translated by : Katinka Tchernova

The aim of this webinar was to give a small taste to our ThetaHealing friends in Russia, and anyone in Russia who is interested to join us for the ThetaHealing Evening (6th of October) or the Basic and Advanced DNA Instructors Seminars. We also invited anyone else from around the world too!!

How can you watch this webinar?

The recorded version of the webinar will be edited this evening (12 Sept) and made available as soon as its done.

To gain access to the page where the recorded version will be displayed, please submit your name and email address.
We will then send you an email with the page which will display the edited information.
The email will also contain information on webinars that we recorded last year with Vianna.

Happy ThetaHealing!!

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