Terms & Conditions:

1. Deposit Refunds:
1.1 Once a deposit has been received it is non-refundable.
1.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the required seminars. If you are not allowed to take part in an Instructors seminar, because you have not completed the required seminars, the deposit fee will not be refunded.
1.3 The deposit fee paid directly to the organisers of the event, and is used in advance of the event to pay for organisational fees and expenses.
1.4 If you decide to withdraw from attending the seminar(s) for any reason, your deposit fee CAN NOT BE TRANSFERRED to another person.
1.5 You can not transfer the deposit fee to another seminar or course, or to another date or time.
2. Seminar Fee Refunds:
2.1 THInK® (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) receive all Seminar Fee payments directly from you.
Any request for a refund or transfer needs to be addressed directly to the staff in Montana, USA.
3. Confirmation of Payments:
3.1 Deposit Fee : Once you have made a deposit fee payment through PayPal your deposit is secured. You should receive an email or confirmation message from PayPal that your deposit has been paid. Please keep a paper copy of this transaction, and bring it with you on the first day (registrations) of the seminar.
3.2 Seminar Fee : After your deposit fee has been paid, you will be redirected to a web page on ThetaPrinciple.co.uk where you can make a PayPal payment to THInK® or where you will find bank details to make a bank payment to THInK®. There are special instructions for you to follow before making any payments to THInK® - PLEASE FOLLOW THESE CAREFULLY WHEN THEY ARE SENT TO YOU.
3.3 Invoices / Receipts : If you require an invoice or receipt, please contact us for a receipt for your deposit fee, and please contact THInK® for an invoice or receipt for the seminar fee.
4. Payment Deadlines:
4.1 Deposit Fee : This must be paid before the 25th of September 2015. Any payments made after this date could possibly not be processed in time and could prevent you from attending the seminars.
4.2 Seminar Fee - BANK TRANSFERS / PAYMENTS : Must be paid before the 25th of September 2015. (Due to the nature of international banking payments, payments could take up to 10 working days to clear into the bank account.)
4.3 Seminar Fee - PayPal Payments : Must be paid before the 2nd of October 2015.
4.4 Problems with making a payment : If you have a problem making a payment please contact us directly to discuss this.
5. Scholarships:

Each year a certain number of scholarships are awarded by both the organisers of the seminars, and by THInK®.

5.1 Applying for Scholarships : You need to submit by email your application for a scholarship to the seminars. This email should be sent to "craig@thetaprinciple.com" with the Subject Line of "Scholarship for Viannas visit to Russia 2015".
5.2 Information required : In your application for a scholarship, you need to indicate if you want a PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP or a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. You also need to provide us with a reason for your request.
5.3 Scholarship awarding / decision : As organisers we submit all scholarship applications to THInK®. When a decision has been reached we will notify you of the decision.
5.4 Limited number of Scholarships available : There is a limit to the number of PARTIAL and the number of FULL scholarships that can be awarded. Once this limit has been reached, we will not be able to offer any further scholarships. MAKE YOUR APPLICATION EARLY TO AVOID DISSAPOINTMENT.
6. Medical Information:
6.1 We will not go against the instructions or advice of your medical doctors or General Practitioners.
6.2 We will not prescribe any medication, or hand out any prescriptions at any time.
6.3 Due to a higher risk within the first trimester (1st three months) of pregnancy, we advise against taking part in any ThetaHealing® seminar at that time. If you are pregnant and wish to attend the seminar(s), then we would encourage you to consult your doctor first, before attending the seminar(s).
7. Cancellation of the seminar(s):
7.1 In the unlikely event of the seminar(s) being cancelled, then we will refund you in full for the Deposit Fee's.
7.2 In the unlikely event of the seminar(s) being cancelled, then THInK® will be responsible to refund you in full for the Seminar Fee's.
8. Registration at the seminar(s):
8.1 You will be required to complete a registration process and documentation on the 1st day of each seminar.
8.2 To reduce the amount of time to register, you will be issued with a unique seminar reference number. This number is important and will be used to help speed up and questions, issues or problems that need to be answered or resolved.
8.3 We will send you an email before the seminars, to request you to complete an online registration process. This online registration process will help to speed up your registration on the 1st day of each seminar.

Additional Information:

A. Capacity:
A.1 Availability is limited according to seating capacity.
B. Audio & Visual Recording Restrictions:
B.1 Due to the nature of the seminar and the exercises that are practised, confidentiality of all participants is essential. Accordingly - you will not be allowed to record any part of the seminar(s).
B.2 Photographs are allowed, unless the person being photographed expressly requests that you do not take a photograph.
B.3 To maintain the integrity of ThetaHealing® within Russia, the entire seminar(s) will be recorded by the Organisers, should there be any query asked after the seminar(s) have taken place. This is to ensure that no false allegations or accusations can be made against any participant in the seminar. This recording will be audio and visual in nature, and will be provided for THInK® to keep a copy of.
B.4 Any person or attendee who is found to be recording either video footage or audio, can be asked to leave the seminar, and be excluded from further participation in the seminar(s).